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Post by Foster on 1/8/2016, 12:32 am

Site Map

Oh, hello there! You look a little lost. Now, I know things can be daunting at first but I assure you - it's all pretty simple.

You've probably noticed these buttons at the top of the site, and wonder what their functions were and how to use them.
Well, the good news is that it's all very easy to understand. Here's the breakdown:

At the 'Home' button you'll find the news feed for all the happenings on the forum to keep up-to-date on site events. You can also view top posters, recent posts, and the event calendar.

This is the main hub of the site - the forum itself! Here you can interact with other members, share your work, and take part in community projects. Basically, this is Stop Motion Hub's main attraction.

Customize your member page here at the 'Profile' section of the site. It's your own private little area where you can add your personal avatar, life details, forum preferences, and contact information.

Send other users direct messages to engage in a more private conversation, beyond forum walls. Even administrators can't view these messages! When the 'Message' button becomes red, that means there is currently a new message in your inbox.

View member's pictures in the 'Gallery' as well as upload your own. Simply click on an album and click the 'Upload Pic' button in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also comment on other's photos and give some feedback to your peers.

As of now, this is nothing more than a list of the two ranks currently present on the forum - Moderators and Directors. Eventually, we hope to have more use to 'Groups' and are looking to expand their purpose.

List of all the members in our community. By default it is organized by the user's last visit date, but you can customize it to be their join date, username, post count, and more. You can also search for a specific user here.

The 'FAQ' section, or 'Frequently Asked Questions', is comprised of a help section created by our forum host, Forumotion. It gives general aid for most forum functions like posting, formatting, private messaging, etc.

Clicking this brings up the 'Search' panel, letting you search keywords throughout the forum. You can also click 'Advanced Search' if you're looking for specifics.

Hope this quick map gave you the knowledge to use our site most comfortably - you can always come back here if you get lost again!


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