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Post by Foster on 3/14/2015, 6:00 pm

Posting 101

Alright, listen up now! It's time you learned how to post properly.
With all these BBcodes, menus, and boxes to check, it can get a little overwhelming.
Any concerns you have should (hopefully) be remedied in this guide.

Posting Videos:

To post a video from YouTube, simply:

  • Click the YouTube icon above the posting box.
    Posting Basics 8ii3BY7
  • Insert the link to the video.
    Posting Basics XxB58Np
  • Click "Insert" and ta-da!

Posting Images:

To post an image on the forum, you'll need to:

  • Upload it on an external site like Imgur or Photobucket
  • Copy the link from that site after it's uploaded and click the image icon above the posting box, then paste the link in there.
    Posting Basics 19P7ds6
  • Click "Insert" and it'll appear when you publish/preview the post.  Very Happy


You can edit your signature by going to "Profile" in the navigation bar and clicking the "Signature" tab.
If you notice that your signature is not appearing, you'll need to check to go to the "Preferences" tab and scroll down to "Always attach my signature." Change this to "Yes."

Posting Basics Tv7pTSF

If you have any issues with posting, leave a reply to this thread! Wink

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